Monday, April 18, 2011

Seasons are Changing

What? Late pass? Yeah, well I try not to get wrapped up in the winter/spring change. I get more excited toward mid-April, when you can really feel the difference. I like when it's consistently warm enough for lots of outdoor adventures. I always know that I am excited about the change when I get cleaning-fever.

Yesterday was a big cleaning day around here. John and I tackled the garage together while Lucas napped and for a few hours after he woke up. We've lived in our house for nearly 3 years, and I don't think we've ever REALLY cleaned out the garage and it felt great to get it done.

We have a big list of things to do this spring. Our next task is to tackle the "blue room" as we call it. It's our playroom/guest room that I posted about last week. We are going to really go through the 9 boxes of clothes  (yes nine) "large" sized boxes from Home Depot. I am so fortunate to have such generous family members that have passed down great clothes, but we don't need them all. I've decided I need to sort through and have only two boxes of "out grown" favorites in storage in case we have another boy someday. The rest of the "too small" clothes need to find new homes with friends or Big Brother Big Sister. I also want to get through the "still too big" boxes and get down to one or two boxes. I'll also have one box of coats/shoes etc. That should cut the number of boxes in half. This is a huge step for me. I'm a border-line hoarder. I have a tough time getting rid of things. That a post for a  different day (add it to the queue!).

After the "blue room", we really need to get our own bedroom in order. It's pretty much out of control. There are clothes everywhere. We went through all the clothes a couple months ago and have 5 trash bags full of donations hanging out in the corner. I need to really pare down my clothes. I have an unbelievable amount of PJs and workout clothes, which I don't need. I need to get back to basics, and really get rid of things that are too small. I kept telling myself "I'll get back into it". Wrong. I may be back down to around pre-pregnancy weight, but my body is not the same. It will never be the same. I need to dress my new body. I need to own my  new body. Another post for a different day!

Then once those two rooms are in order, it's just everyday type cleaning that needs to be done. One good deep clean of the house and we'll be in good shape to enjoy our spring summer! I can't wait for the return of Sunday fires/dinners. I can't wait for day trips to the beach, or the zoo, or the park, or anywhere outside! If I ever get around to buying a new SD card, I'll try to chronicle our adventures with photos. <3

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