Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor choice

So we've all had days where the smallest, most insignificant choice seems to throw a sequence of crazy events into action. Well, for me, that day was also called Thursday.

My mom and I have decided to finally get to the gym. So she met me at my house at 10am, and off we went. We spent about an hour there, and then headed back to my house. We decided we'd have Lucas eat lunch at her house & nap there because if he ate at my house and then we tried to get him to sleep at her house after a 30 minute car ride it would be disastrous.

All was going well, and I was being quite productive. We got to my mom's, he had lunch, and off for a nap. I put him in the pack n play, he cried for his typical 2-5 minutes, and fell asleep. I managed to finally get the tax forms back to our accountant, a week after we were supposed to, thanks to major miscommunication between John & I. I was feeling good!

Mom & I headed to the living room to catch up on her DVR'd episode of American Idol from the night before. I even managed to sneak in a 20 minute cat nap while she wasn't looking!! Then Lucas woke up. I went up to get him only to find him with two red blistery spots on his mouth. (Seen in crappy cell phone photo). I was pure panic.

How did this happen? I checked around the room. My first thought was "those are definitely burns", and they are. They have the tell tale shininess off burns. I thought "it must be the damned radiator", but it's too far from the pack & play (like 3-4 feet). Then I thought, he was having an allergic reaction to something, but those sores are equidistant from his mouth! WTF!!

Then I found the culprit. The teethers seen below. They were under the blanket when I put him in the pack & play, and when I tucked him in I jut left them there. Apparently, he put the "thumb" of the teether in his mouth and gnawed on it so hard that the plastic actually made a "rub burn" on his face. The marks line up perfectly with the teether. Poor kid!

I felt terrible! I never leave things in bed for him to sleep with, aside from his monkey & baby. The thought of a teether actually hurting him never occurred to me. Now I want to cry every time I see his boo-boos. One tiny decision.

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