Thursday, April 21, 2011

The generalizations of Lucas

Lucas makes very broad generalizations. They often crack me up, because it takes me a while to figure out what he's saying, and why. Here are a few examples:

All things with wheels, including wheels themselves, are called "cars". This includes, but is not limited to, cars, wagons, bikes, motorcycles, trucks, construction equipment, scooters, strollers, vans, planes, buses, and skateboards.

All things furry are either "dog" or "cat". There seems to be no difference to him. This has included lions, tigers, bears, pigs, oscar the grouch, monkeys, etc.

Anything that is not furry is... well.. it roars. It doesn't have a name, just a sound really. Typically these are dinosaurs, lizards, snakes, monsters, etc. Anything he doesn't deem "dog" or "cat", and appears to move is "rooooooar".

Anything that specifically belongs to one person, it called "so&so's". For example, if Lucas found my phone, he'd say "Mama's!!". This sounds all well & good except that sometimes he'll be asking for something, and you have to guess what possession he wants. "Mama's???" ... 'you want  my phone? no, my juice? no, my pen? no, my purse? no, my shoes? no, my pizza? no, my computer? .... ahhh what do you waaaaaant?" It can be an incredibly frustrating guessing game. Especially because he can say the names of all the objects listed above, but instead refers to them as "mama".

Anything he wants to eat is called a "cracker", despite the fact that he knows the names of many food items. Then it becomes a guessing game at the cabinet to figure out what he actually wants. (Note, there are no "choices" as far as meals go, but I do allow him to choose his snacks)

Oh... his new generalization? All things having to do with water are a "show" (how he says 'shower'). This includes the brook next to our house, the sink, the actual shower/tub, and recently rain! Hilarious. We were walking to my car at my mom's house, in the middle of the night, and he started saying "Show, showa, show, showa mama!"... it took me until I was half way home to realize that he was telling me it was raining, and not asking to take a shower. In my defense, he does ask to take a shower every time he hears the bathroom door open.

Anyone else's kids seem to lump things into huge groups like this? When this happens, I tend to repeat his statement or question back to him using the proper words and move on. I don't make a big deal about it, or have him repeat it back to me. Should I be more proactive about this? I think it will work itself out...

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