Friday, May 14, 2010

I haven't blogged in a while. Haven't felt the need to, aside from one or two times, and didn't have the time.

One of those times, I read a girl from college's blog. She & I have a ton of mutual friends, and would probably be friends too if it weren't for my terrible ways in college. Anyway, she's a great writer, and she was pregnant around the same time as me, so I read her blog. It reduces me to tears nearly every time. She captures the joys, woes, guilt, pride... all of it; she embodies it. In a lot of ways I envy her. I envy her style of writing. I envy her confidence. I envy her ability to persevere. She has not had it easy, and her story makes me yearn to be stronger.

The other time was more of a process, I suppose, than a specific instance. I felt like John and I have been in another marital funk. We go through these periods of complete and utter synchronicity; they are often followed by periods of completely off beat struggles. We have always been this way, and have always taken it in stride. Minor squabbles turn into major arguments about bigger issues. I think all marriages must have these struggles. I mean, if you don't have a difference of opinion, then you are essentially married to yourself, and that is just no fun. There's no challenge, there's no depth.

Anyway, John and I were in one of our off-beat periods a while back, and I wanted to get back in sync. Well an opportunity presented itself to go to a play. An actual date night. I found a sitter, and it was a date. We had a good time, and I feel like all is back to it's harmonious state. We are getting back to basics, and it feels great. We are working as the well oiled machine that we are. We've tackled the yard, the garage, and are moving onto small household projects. I feel good about where we are, and I am positive he would agree.

I still am not 100% happy in our house, however. There is this looming reality that we can't live here forever, for many reasons. The yard is too small, there is a LOT of work to be done, and it doesn't meet all of our needs. We are looking to possibly purchase a new (or additional) property. One that meets all of our needs. It needs to be in move-in condition, with minimal work to be done. It needs to have an in-law apt, or be a two family so that we can have some kind of income. It also needs to have a ground-level entrance or walk out finished basement, so that I can open an in-home day care at some point, if I want. Well... we found a property this week that meets all of these criteria: John's childhood home. Yup. Talk about back to the beginning. I emailed our realtor tonight, and hopefully we'll be checking it out in the next couple days. Craziness! (I just got an email back from her as we speak! We should be in to see it in the next couple day! AHHH!)

Ok, too much excitement for me. I need to get some sleep!