Monday, April 11, 2011

Neverending day

Some days seem to drag on for weeks and weeks. Today, for me, has been one of those days. Lucas woke up earlier than normal, about an hour and a half earlier. Yesterday was my birthday, so aside from being busy I also indulged in a few glasses of wine. Luckily I drank a ton of water last night before bed, so I didn't wake up feeling sick or anything. I did wake up feeling very groggy and confused. I'm sure the fact that Lucas was yelling "Naaaa-niiiiites" added to my confusion. Who wakes up and calls out to go back to sleep?

John was gracious enough to get up with Lucas, but about 5 minutes after then went downstairs the road construction started up again. Soooo, I was up. The morning dragged on and on and we were so lazy. The weather forecast claimed we'd hit 80, but the morning was drizzly and dreary. We were very lazy and stayed in our pjs. By the time lunch time rolled around I felt like I'd already lived an entire day. I had read a million books, snuggled for what seemed like days (very blissful days!). I was pooped. John made Lucas lunch and then put him down for a nap. An hour and half earlier than normal.

We ate lunch, and then watched an episode (very first) of Sons of Anarchy. Lucas was awake when John was getting ready for work, which is very rare. So we all got dressed and headed outside to play for a bit before left. We waved our goodbyes and played outside for an hour or so before I came in to make dinner. We ate at 4:45! Who eats dinner that early?? This tired Mama does!

Apparently I made the right choice, too, because Lucas at his entire bowl of mac & cheese (homemade and delicious!) in seconds. So we ventured out for a half hour walk with Spooky. She is extremely out of shape so I've decided to make sure to get her out more. And now, here I sit, with my laptop on my lap watching Lucas push his tonka truck all over the house. And while I've enjoyed lots of quality time with my boys today, I am ready for 8pm when Lucas goes to bed and I can soak lazily in the bath tub and mentally prepare myself for my yearly check-up tomorrow.

Some days, no matter how much fun, seem to last forever...

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