Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things that make you go "hmmmm"...

We're still on baby watch, in the Romiglio household. Keri is due in 4 days, and Morgan is due is 13 (I may be a few days off...). I'm very excited to have two new additions to the family. Two little munchkins to snuggle. Two little babes to spoil. Two smushy faced, wiggly little minis to love!

In other news, I hate snow. I know, I know I live in MA, I should be used to snow. But this is outrageous. 75+ inches in 30 days. Seriously? We opened the front door today and the plows had plowed the snow all the way up our stairs and covered a few inches of our front door. We have a good 5-6 steps too... Our door is about 3+ feet off the ground. And to top it off, Lucas has had a cold that he just can't shake for the past 2 weeks. Aside from Jackson's birthday party on Saturday, Lucas and I haven't left the house for the majority of the past two weeks. I'm going stir crazy, yet I have no desire to go anywhere either. It makes no sense.

I've been toying with the idea of starting an anonymous blog. Not to replace this one, but rather in addition to this one. I'd like to remain anonymous so I can work through some emotions and there is some very sensitive material that I'd need to chat about to work through those emotions. (I know, cryptic, blah). The thing is, there's a lot in my life that is piling up right now, and a lot of the "story" is not mine. It's someone else's life circumstances that deeply affect me. I feel like talking about it would give some other people the courage to talk about similar situations, but I'm not brave enough to "out" this story & it's characters.

I have a lot of thinking to do...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing & growing...

I am taken back by the amount of words that Lucas has decided to start saying... I need to make another list, just so I can chronicle this for myself.

Mamma, Dadda, Doggie, Kitty, Puppy, Hat, Hot, Ball, Hoop, Bowl, More, Milk, Please, Cracker, Shoes, Socks, Boots, Choo-Choo, Car, Go, Stop, Yes, No, Thank you, Daddy, Meme, Nana, Nono, Pa, Bob, Shhhh, Cheese, Bar, Baby, Jump, Hi, Bye, Night Night, Nice, Bad, Tissue, Poop, All done...

I'm sure that there are many more, but I'm so impressed. I know this is developmentally right on target, and it's not like he's a genius or anything, but the amount of pride I feel is amazing. I could burst.

I was also thinking a lot about Lucas' growth while eating dinner today. It's amazing how much learning is done just by mimicking. I never "taught" him (in the literal sense of the word) how to use a fork, or a cup, or how to hold a crayon or paintbrush, but he picked them both up so fast from watching us. I wonder how many other things he'll learn this way. He's learned how to step on a skateboard, and push (with an adult hand), how to experiment with Daddy's guitar, how to "type", how to use a phone, how to text, how to brush his hair and his teeth, how to blow his nose and wipe his face, all by seeing us do it. It's amazing. Unbelievable.

In a year's time, he's gone from JUST turning over to full out running. From kicking and cooing to yelling and climbing. He marches, and sings, and dances and tells stories. He laughs, and he cries. He listens as I read picture books to him, and he interacts with the story. He plays with the pets, he has chosen his lovies. He loves the water, he loves the snow. He plays hockey, and basketball, and bowling. He picks up a camera and yells "CHEEESE" with a big goofy grin. He lets us know when he's "all done" or if he needs "more milk please" (which actually sounds like mooo-ah mick peash). This kid's smiles stops my heart. Every time. I love him with every ounce of my being, even when he's a mischievous little bugger.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been a while...

I have been so busy lately! Holy moly. You'd figure that I'd be full of free time since I got laid off mid-December. Wrong.

Mom broke her ankle Dec 30th. Which means I took over her afternoon child care duties, watching my niece & nephew. Talk about birth control!! I am so glad I didn't hop in bed and make baby #2 when I wanted to a few months back. I am not ready. It wouldn't be fair to new baby or Lucas. I will definitely be waiting until Lucas is around 4-5 years old. I want to concentrate on him for now. He's so much fun, and his personality is unbelievable. I'm not ready to split my attention... yet. I have plenty of love to give, but for now I'd like to keep things the way they are.

Speaking of Lucas, he is growing up SO fast. He's been out to play in the snow, and he LOVES it. He runs, and slides, and falls all over the place. It's too much fun. I pulled him around the yard in a sled, and he was soooo giggly. I can't wait to take him sledding. I'm happy to report that Lucas got a couple "babies" for Christmas. I got him a small one, my mom bought him a doll-sized Handy Manny, and Claudette gave him John's cabbage patch doll that he had as a kid. He loves them all. We also got him an Ernie, Oscar the grouch, and a few other stuffed toys. He treats them like his children. My sister (at my request) bought him a shopping cart, and Lucas puts all the kids in the cart and goes all over the house. I'm so glad I didn't listen to the naysayers. He is equally interested in "typical" boy things. He LOVES Thomas the train, matchbox cars, his Mater ride-on toy, and his very first power wheel too! My aunt bought John a remote controlled Tony Hawk toy at a yard sale, because she thought it was hilarious. Well, it is now one of Lucas' favorite toys. (photos when I get myself back in gear).

Santa BoB, John's business partner and our good friend, bought us Kinect for our xbox. OH how I love it. So fun! We bought a dance game last week that we still haven't tried out. I think tonight should be the night. It looks like a blast, especially because the game plays back a video of you trying the routines when you're done. I'm not exactly coordinated, so it's hilarious to watch the playbacks.

We are bringing back our tradition of Sunday dinner. I'm very excited to have a day to spend as a family, and an evening to see the friends that we consider family. It will be a lot of fun! Our friends have been so supportive of us in the past few years, it's nice to be able to have them over to enjoy their company.

Oh, I smell one ripe diaper. Time to run... more updates later.