Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has sprung

...or at least we thought it had.

Yesterday's weather was perfect. Lucas, John and I played outside for what felt like all day. In reality, it was about an hour and a half. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine, and it wiped Lucas out enough that he took a decent nap in the car on the way to my Mom's physical therapy appointment.

Here are some highlights from our day:
Like most mornings, we have to "watch the guys". 

Not digging the trike, yet. I need a lower/smaller version. 

Pow-Pow-Power Wheels! 


Laughing at Daddy's stall/pause tactics on the swings.

Big boy on his slide

Daddy showing him how...

Kid is a natural - Daddy's proud smile!

I had such a blast with my boys. Yesterday was one of those days that helps you find your center, and know that everything in life is just as it is supposed to be in that moment. I've found that I have a lot more of those moments since meeting John, and especially since Lucas was born. Hopefully this upward trend will continue! 

...except that now it is snowing in good 'ole Massachusetts. 

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