Friday, March 25, 2011

Word Association

So, I wrote about a year ago about how I deleted twitter. Well, in true addict form, I back on twitter. I'm not a very active tweeter, but I'm slowly morphing into one. Tonight I was scrolling through celebrity twitter accounts, and I came across the page for the Ting Tings, and immediately got a flash of pain in my baby- maker.

Why, you ask? Oh, well... Let me just tell you. I had my whole labor planned out. Perfect music to bring, blah blah blah, nice baby story baloney. Yeah, well. I went into labor at a town meeting, so all "plans" went out the window. So, by 2am, when I was finally officially admitted into the hospital, and in my "birthing room", I put on MTV and hunkered down for what I was told would be a long night/day of labor. I was told I was looking at a minimum of 12 more hours, probably more like 24.

Well, while watching 2+ hours of TV, with steadily strengthening contractions, and a sleeping husband across the room, I must have heard That's not my Name by The Ting Tings at least a hundred times. At least that's what it felt like to me. I vividly remember trying to wake up John around 5am when my contractions were really strong, and that song was on. I also remember that song being on when I finally got my epidural at 7:30am (after I started pushing, thanks to a "busy" anesthesiologist). I'd be lying if I said that video was on when Lucas was born, because I have no idea what was on. But nevertheless, every time I hear that song, see the band's name, or anything that reminds me of that video, I get lightening pain in my girl parts.

That song will forever remind me of that room, in that hospital, awaiting the birth of my beautiful boy, while in crazy pain!

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