Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Work

 I recently posted a photo of Lucas checking out the road work that woke us up, while wearing a Santa hat. Well, the road work is still not done. I believe we're on day 3 or 4. The first two days weren't so bad, digging all day, filling with loose soil and cover with metal plates... Today has been awful. I can usually block out most noise, but this is outrageous. First they hit a pipe this morning, luckily it was capped off and not connected to anything, but it shook the whole house. Then they had to remove that pipe, and they are replacing the gas lines.

I'm beyond excited to hear that we will have a repaved road next year, as it will certainly help property values. I'm also very happy that Lucas is loving all the big trucks and noise. Seeing him watch the trucks is too cute. The workers are extremely nice, also. This morning they brought Lucas a little digger toy to the front door when he appeared to watch (for the 4th day in a row). He was so excited. They also took extra caution to wipe their feet when they had to come in the house a couple times to see where our gas/water lines came in. They've had to move giant machines about 23948029834 times for us to get in and out of the driveway, and have always been extremely nice about it. In fact, I think they feel awful that they are so loud and intrusive, when in fact they are just doing their jobs.

I'm not happy about the noise though. It seriously sounds like my house may fall down, I can see it shaking. My neighbor even called N-Star to talk to them about possible damage to his home from all the vibrations. It's just so loud.

Lucas still took a nap. He's going on two hours right now. My brain feels like it's going to rattle out of my head, but he is sound asleep upstairs. He slept through two hours of road work this morning too. Such a good little sleeper, he is.

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