Friday, November 5, 2010

Norm update

It may seem that I neglected Norm in my last post. Not entirely true. I am more confused than ever about the Norm situation. John has been keeping tabs on Norm for me because my work schedule is wonky, and I don't get the opportunity to check in much. I'm usually in his area at night, and since he has no electricity or anything, it's tough to check in at that point.

Well, the other day John let me know that Norm was wearing a new coat, which made me deliriously happy. Then the next day John saw him eating a can of beans on his front stairs and I was instantly depressed again. I concocted this whole big plan, completely in my head, to anonymously start mailing Norm various supplies. Food, warm clothes, gloves, coats, etc... I happened to drive by again on the same day, and there was Norm checking his mail box, and waiting to cross the street to his house. Of course I stopped to let him cross and he flashed me a smile that completely melted my heart. I could just TELL that no one shows the man an ounce of respect or consideration. So I did what any rational woman would do...

I circled the block, and checked what # was on his mail box, with the intention of mailing him supplies or a letter or something. I was determined. I voiced my plan to John and he was on board, but he did mention that I should probably wait till we are financially able to help someone before we take money that we might need for Lucas. I had to agree with him. I can't take from my own child to help a stranger... we are struggling entirely too much at this point.

But, as usual, curiosity caught a hold of me. I googled Norm's address. HOLY SHIT. And I mean. There was a legal notice that popped up first, about his home. Too much legal jargon for me, but it seemed consistent with the story that went along with the photo of Norm... So I went to to see if I could make heads or tails of it. More PIOUS POOP! (holy shit... sad joke, I know) -- 65 records for the man. I now know his full name, but I won't disclose that. I know he's never been married. I know how he came to own the home he lives in. I learned that he actually owned quite a bit of land in town. He's sold most of it, I think... I wish I understood legal jargon. I really do.

Now I'm really conflicted. It appears from my best attempt at understanding the legal stuff, that Norm may have gotten himself into this bind completely by his own fault. At first I was furious at him, as if I even know this man!! Then I felt really sad for him. Now I don't really care how or why he ended up in his situation. I mean, I'm obviously curious, but it doesn't change the fact that he is living a really tough life. And if a package might brighten his day, even for just a moment, well then I think it's all worth it. Now I just need to decide what to send, and how to word my letter so I don't sound condescending or rude. We'll see how this all pans out...

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