Monday, November 29, 2010

last year's list, rewind.


2010's "list":

Get out of debt.i'm very close, only a couple hundred dollars left. less than one thousand.
Maintain consistent "family days" on Sunday. accomplished
Monthly date night (seems easy, right? HA! Have a kid... Not easy)hahaha not even close. we've been on maybe 4 dates all year.
Really start playing with & enjoying my camera I used it, but def. not how i wanted to
Work on the house (stairs!!!!) didn't happen.
Create & adhere to a monthly budget HA... nope
Begin process of getting after-school license. did this, learned it wasn't realistic for my situation
start a vacation fund we went on a mini getaway, that was it
Have at least 2 girls getaways - overnight, mini road trip. ...uh, right. not so much.

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