Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love lists, and conveniently this list is about things I love!

Best things about today:

- Into work late
- Kids were pretty good
- Out of work early
- Dancing with Lucas to awesome music such as Save Ends & Born Without Bones
- Getting a million kisses from Lucas
- Snuggling & watching Dexter with the love of my life
- Hot cocoa with that same dude
- Nice warm bubble bath & a book after putting Lucas to bed, and before hubby gets home
- Lucas pinching the fat on my butt that's hanging over my pants
- Lucas holding an unopened package of Skittles and pretending to chew them
- Watching Lucas walk around with my sneakers
- Long chat with my bestie in FL

After a LONG past 10 days, I needed to sit back and write down as many "little things" that cheered me up today. The house is a mess, my siblings make me want to strangle them, and I'm so close to my inevitable lay-off from work that it's nice to remember that there are reasons to smile. Everyday. Lots of them, in fact!

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