Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday (tomorrow)

Dear Lucas,

I'm beginning this letter on the day before your first birthday. I intend to write a letter each year to reflect on how much you've grown. I expect it will take me quite some time to write this one, since the mere thought of you being a year old makes my eyes well up, and a lump creeps up in my throat. 365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. I can't believe how quickly it has gone by! So much has happened in the past year, too!

You were born right around the same time that we opened the skate park. You were there for our official Grand Opening, and you made an appearance in a few local newspapers that covered the event - your first media attention! Then we celebrated Auntie Steph & Scott's wedding in Dartmouth. You were such a trooper, getting dressed up in that handsome little white pinstriped suit. Next was our mini road trip to Auntie Keri & Uncle Kyle's wedding. Nana & Auntie Jeanne came with us to help take care of you. We all had such a blast. The weather was rainy, and you were a little cranky, but it was a wonderful time. Then summer was over, and in rolled the fall. Mommy & Daddy celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and Daddy's 27th birthday. You celebrated your first Halloween, as batman. Your first Thanksgiving landed right around the same time that you started eating "solid" food (mush!)so you enjoyed some turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce & mashed potatoes. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year! Then your first Christmas was very eventful. We went to Thedie's for Christmas Eve, then to Meme's house for a sleepover. We had breakfast with Meme & Pepe, and opened some presents and then were off to Uncle Billy's to celebrate with Nana & Pa. We rang in the New Year at home with Heather, Matt & Adrian. 2010 has been full of firsts for you! You learned to crawl, and pull yourself up. You finally started holding your own bottle, which Daddy was very happy about. You also started using a sippy cup, and eating "big boy" food. We celebrated the births of Jaxen and Alexandria. Uncle Bobby graduated from high school.

The last year has been a blur of wonderful memories. I have enjoyed watching you grow more than you could ever know. Each stage of your development has had it's favorite parts for me. When you first came home, I loved how you would open your mouth when you were hungry, just like a baby bird. I called you baby bird for a few months. You were so long and skinny! You lifted up your head from day one, and the look in your eyes when you see Mamma or Dadda, has always remained the same. Pure joy.

Your kisses have evolved over the past year. They started as open mouthed licking on cheeks. Then it turn to the typical open mouth to any skin. Now your kisses are more deliberate. You snuggle right up, nuzzle in, and then rub your lips all over my face. I've never been more happy to be covered in slobber. Your dancing has also evolved over time. You began with a little wiggle, then there was the full body rock, then the head bang, and now it's various combinations of the two.

My favorite time is picking you up after work and driving from the skate park to our house. You blow me kisses, tap your belly, tap your head, dance, sing. You pull everything you have in that bag of cute tricks, and it's exactly what I need after a day of work. You know how to brush your teeth, your try to brush your hair. You've been pulling yourself up to a standing position using Daddy, and your activity tables. You've gone swimming at Nono's pool, where you wanted nothing more than to splash, lounge and to like the water off your fingers.

Your relationship with your "DAHHHHWWWWGGEEEEE" is the best thing in the world. You love Spooky with every single inch of your heart. You give her more kisses than she can handle, and she does her best to return them all. You love playing with her tags, and you have for as long as I can remember. I swear that her tags were one of the first things you ever reached for! Your newest obsession is crawling under the dog, like a tunnel through her legs. She's been patient with you so far, but I'm waiting for the day that something scares her and she tramples your little body! Who am I kidding, you are a tank. You're one tough little guy!

You've been to work with Daddy at least a couple times each week. He built you a play room in the office, so you can enjoy yourself. You've come to work with Mommy occasionally too, and Anna and Jackson adore you. You love crawling around after them, and giggling at their antics. Speaking of that giggle, you have the best laugh. No one can be mad, upset, or in any kind of foul mood once you start laughing. It's the cutest thing. You have biggest smile, with 6 big teeth! Yup, 6! 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top. You are cutting a couple more as we speak.

I'm not really sure how to describe to you how much you mean to me. I grew up knowing that I was destined to have a family. I was born to be a mommy, but that doesn't mean I was 100% confident in my parenting abilities. It's one thing to take care of other people's children, it's entirely different to have your own. I've second guessed myself the entire way through. I always think I might be making the wrong choices, but you always have a way of reassuring me that we're doing alright. You look at me and give me a big "haaaaaaa, mama" with a smile. Or you screech at the top of your lungs and come crawling toward me with fierce determination to plant a kiss on my face. You look at me, smile and tap your "belly" (you always pat your chest when we ask where your belly is). Honestly, I think this is your way of saying "I love you, too". (Just fyi, typing that sentence made me cry for a solid 5 minutes...)

My heart could burst with the amount of love, pride and joy you bring to me. Each day is a new adventure. Whether its running errands, or a big event, or even a day at home, there is never a dull moment with you around. I wouldn't trade a single second of it for the world. You and your Daddy are the best family anyone could ask for. I love you with all of my heart! Happy Birthday, Lucas Matthew. May this one set the bar for many more wonderful birthday celebrations!


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