Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Summer is here. I love summer, and this summer brings all kinds of new joys. Driving home from work last night, I got out nearly an hour early, I jumped off the highway at the first exit that brings me to the skate park. Granted it takes an extra 10-15 minutes taking this route, but I just wanted to roll down the windows and enjoy some throwback pop-punk solo sing-along time with my buddies in Yellowcard. I love the ride, through Franklin, Bellingham and on through Mendon. I love the air blowing my hair all over the place, especially since my passenger window actually works now. I had a quick dinner with the hubby, while Lucas finished up his dinner in his chair. I played with him from across the room, prompting him to run his yucky hands through his cute little humidity induced curls. Then it was time for my favorite part of the day (most of the time), the ride home. It's just me and Lucas. Since I broke yet another Mommy rule, and turned his car seat around to forward facing a couple weeks early, I can peek over my shoulder and see his big toothy grin. I rolled down the windows, turned up the radio and began the ritual. While I back up out of my parking spot, I dance back and forth, with some strategic abrupt dance freezes that make him squeal and giggle. We enjoy a dance and sing along with the likes of Billy Joel and James Taylor, and to answer your burning question, no I'm not ashamed. I love them both. We dance and sing and make our way back to our humble little home. We pass families parking their cars, and setting up camp at the drive-in. I can't wait until we are one of those families. When I get to the last set of lights, I turn around to make him giggle, and my heart sink a little. This is the only time I wish we lived a little further from the park. We pull in the driveway and sit, parked, singing and dancing for at least one more song. We always do. Then I do the quick exit routine that makes his day. I turn off the car, grab my purse and dash around to his side of the minivan as quickly as I can, and pop my head up in his window. More giggles. By this time, he's usually tired and just wants his bottle and to snuggle and go off to bed. But last night, to top off my wonderful summer night, Lucas' schedule had been pushed back a bit so I had a couple hours to play. I opened the garage with the intent of taking him for a walk, but Daddy had the stroller in his trunk, so instead we went inside. Played, and played. And man does this kid babble. He babbles his little head off his shoulders. He does crawling laps around our living room, bouncing from toy to toy, always with a sand toy in his little fist. He crawls to where I'm laying on the couch, pulls himself up to standing, plants a big wet licky kiss on my cheek (or wherever it may land) and continues his pattern. I could spend days like this. Weeks, months even. I love it. Unfortunately I had to work at 5:45am this morning, so by 8:30 Lucas and I were in my bed, snuggling with his na-nite bottle, and he was off to bed by 9:30, after his tickle fight. I miss him terribly already. I just want to squish his cheeks, and wait for those slobbery kisses that I love so much.

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