Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tonight's ride home soundtrack was provided by the talented guys that call themselves "Paint It Black" -- And look out, Yemin. Lucas is totally going to take your spot as most attractive man in hardcore someday. At NEARLY 12 months old, I can tell you that he will be some steep competition if he keeps heading in the same direction.

I find it funny that of all the types of music that John and I have exposed Lucas to throughout his months, he has taken to the type we both enjoy most. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say that he has taken to the type we both MUTUALLY enjoy the most. I can't say I have a favorite genre, and I know John can't pinpoint one either, but most of our mutual musical interests like in the hardcore realm.

Lucas bobs his head, slaps his knee (or chest), and yells his little lungs out. Sometimes he even clenches his little fists when he gets really into it. I wonder if this is instinct or learned behavior, since I know I do all of those things. Either way, I wouldn't trade our ride home routine. It's the best. My neighbors must think I'm nuts because I sit in the MINIVAN with all kinds of random music blaring for a good 10 minutes every night when I get home. I bop around, dancing and singing. It must be quite the sight. Tattooed mid-twenty something, with disheveled hair, preppy hand me down clothes from her boss, in a minivan, dancing and singing various age-inappropriate songs to her *almost* one year old son. Eeep. I would totally make fun of myself!

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