Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life moves...

...and it's going too fucking fast.

I cant keep up, lately. I feel like I'm constantly playing a game of tag, and I'm always "it". Lucas is already one year old, and holy moly is he growing leaps and bounds. Just today he managed to crawl up onto the second stair and stand up on it in the time it took me to open an envelope. (Yes, I will now install the stair gates. Leave me alone, he's still alive, ok?) He crawls at lightening speed. His knees and feet are perpetually dirty. He loves to be in the water, and I honestly think he could learn to swim next summer. He is blabbering in his own little baby language constantly. I just wish I knew what he was thinking. I just never have enough time with him. I try to spend every second I can with him. On days that I have to work, I sometimes only see him for his last bottle and to put him to bed, which is a terrible feeling. And since I snuggle the crap out of him in that small amount of time, I have now created a nighttime bottle monster. He will only drink his last bottle (which is actually a sippy cup, of milk) if I am holding him or he is leaning on me. Scratch that. It doesn't have to be me, but someone, anyone, must be holding him or snuggling next to him. I probably should nip this in the bud now, but you know what? I only have so much time with him, and he'll only be a snuggly baby for so long so I'm going to enjoy every second of it.
Lucas is the light of our lives. Sometimes he's the only light. Times like today when everything seems so far gone, out of reach, and beyond repair. He smiles, and I know everything will be fine. And for those fleeting seconds, everything is fine. The flea infestation of the Romiglio house doesn't seem so bad (Thanks cats, for bringing those home). The lack of financial stability, while a huge burden, doesn't seem like the end of the world. The incredible amount of small household tasks and repairs that need to be done can all wait. Because my number one priority is that little boy. And jeepers creepers if he doesn't need all of my attention while he is awake. As we speak he is eating lunch about 5 feet away from me. Just out of reach, which he is taking advantage of by hand feeding the dog some Chex. Have I mentioned that Lucas loves all kind of cereal! Cheerios, Chex, Life... the list goes on and on. He is a mini-John. It's so funny. He picks up so much of his personality, his likes and dislikes, his facial expressions. It's amazing to watch.
Next week is officially vacation. I'm on vacation now, which started on Tuesday, but it won't be a real vacation until John is home with us. Thanks to our (my) stellar lack of financial planning, we will be spending it at home or doing things that cost nothing. We will do a beach day, visit WWII park in Attleboro to see the petting zoo, and probably spend a few days at Nono's pool. We'd also like to go visit Meme's lake. We spent the past two days at Nana's doing laundry (thanks fleas) and staying out of the house while it was sprayed (Thanks, Phil!). Unfortunately, our tiny house guests have decided that they were not ready to go.
I've never wanted winter more than I do now. Winter brings warm meals, snuggly movie nights and above all else, a little financial security. Winter means cold, ice and snow which are not really conducive to skateboarding. Works out great for us, but the summer is the complete opposite. At least we have a full year under our belts and now we know that we need to tuck quite a bit of money away in the winter to survive the summer.
Ok, the boy is done eating lunch, time to go bring some sandwiches to Daddy at work, and get a few things done.

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