Monday, July 25, 2011

The great cup hunt

Ok, Mamas. I seriously need your input here.

I am looking for a new cup for my son. My requirements are as follows:

  1. Must have a flip-straw
  2. Must be no leak
  3. Must be insulated for traveling with milk
Doesn't sound so difficult, now does it? 

Well here are the products that I have personally used, and one that my sister in law uses with snippets from my conversation with her this morning. Most of these were used before I came up with my cup-finding criteria. 

img via google products
My review: Awful. I bought 6 of these. Originally I bought them in combination with the cup below. I wanted the size of this cup, and the handle from the smaller cup, so I bought 6 of each. They were so cheap, I figured why not. The straw assembly is tough to put together, and flimsy at the same time. Also, the lack of insulation was the kicker for me. They also leak when dropped on their sides. No good.

2. Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer Cup
img via google products
This cup was great when Lucas was a toddler. It didn't leak. It was a pain to line up the silicone "nipple" part with the plastic handle assembly. But it rarely leaked. My only complaint is that Lucas easily bit through the sippy part. I did get a solid year's use out of these cups, and for a cup training toddler I would definitely recommend them. Cheap and effective. Just how I like things!

img via
I bought these cups for two reasons. They were on sale at K-Mart, and we already replacement sippy parts that my sister in law gave us. I thought the silicone sippy assembly was sturdier, and that Lucas wouldn't be able to bite through them. I was wrong. I'm glad I only bought 3. They were not expensive, as far as baby gear goes, it just didn't meet my expectations.

Img via
I bought two of these water bottles, on an impulse buy, at Target last weekend. THey have been pretty good for juice/water, but I wouldn't really use them for milk. They are really big, and obviously very transparent. There is no insulation. Many of the reviews are negative, but I haven't had an issue with them. Lucas likes them, they've done well in the dishwasher, and for around $5 a piece, I am pretty content. Again, they just aren't right for "milk cups". So the search continues. 

5. Stainless Steel, no brand name, water bottle with straw - I bought a fairly generic looking water bottle from Wal*Mart last week. It was awful, and I got my $3 worth. It leaks all over the place, and when I got it home I realized it wasn't insulated. Waste of $3. 

img via google products
My sister in law has MANY of these for her kids. I assumed that she loved them, but I was wrong. She is very disappointed in them. Despite saying "dishwasher safe" on both the website, and the packaging when purchased, she was said to report that the bottom piece of plastic often melted and/or fell off of her FUNtainers after only a few washes. She sent MANY back to the manufacturer to be replaced. She also reported that her littlest guy (who is 6 months older than Lucas) has chewed threw many straw assemblies, and she has bought many replacements. She did not recommend that I buy them. She did say that the insulation qualities, and no-leak qualities were second to none. But for the price of between $12-20 per cup, she said it's not worth the lack of wash-ability. 

So Mamas? What do you use? Should I just suck it up and hand-wash the FUNtainers? HELP!!

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