Friday, July 8, 2011

Why do I blog?

I've spent a few moments thinking about that very question last night. I was at my SIL's house, with my other SIL and my blog came up. Neither of them were aware that I even HAD a blog, and they had a puzzled (but not negative) sort of "why" look.

I have no answer for that. I've always been a person that likes to put their feelings, thoughts and experiences into words. It's therapeutic for me. It helps me sort through my feelings. I have lots of posts that I don't post publicly because they concern family arguments or other sensitive material, but I write about it all.

I guess I started blogging for those reasons, but I continue blogging because it's a community of sorts. Now, I'm fully aware that no one (except for a chosen few - thanks-) actually read this, and I'm ok with that. I thoroughly enjoy reading other people's blogs, for the various topics that they bring to the table.

I read lots of different blogs. DIY blogs, thrifting blogs, fashion blogs, mommy blogs, daddy blogs, photography blogs, creative writing/poetry blogs, music blogs, book club blogs. I love it. I just enjoy reading other people's experiences, and I take something away from every post. It's a wonderful, pressure-free exchange of ideas.

Of course there are lots of "cons" to consider. Fights in the blogosphere are unfortunate and common. Sometimes, actually most times, the blog community is very reminiscent of high school. Just as in high school, I've settled into my quiet little "see it all" position. I don't push my blog, I don't advertise, but for my own reasons. I have no issue with other that do. I think it's great. I'm a quiet supporter and small contributor to the blogging community and I really enjoy it.

Today I spent an hour clicking around twitter to find new blogs, based purely on the "Who to Follow" & "More like...." suggestions. Here's a round-up...

Fema Mom - a collaboration. Very thought provoking, reminds me of an edgier Babble. This article is what hooked me. - I actually came across this through one of my favorite blogs, "Flux Capacitor

Harper's Happenings - Adorable baby, gorgeous Mama. Crafty, Thrifty, love it

Sometimes Sweet - Fashion loving Mama with a penchant for tattoos ( a girl after my own heart).

The Adventures of Ash and Rowe  another Mommy blog, single hairstylist Mama. Cutest babe.

ohdeardrea - I'm way late to this. I've seen Lauren & Adriana & The Hipster Dad(s)  tweeting with her, and I should have followed earlier. So jealous of this gal's style.

The Doe or the Deer - Simply adorable. Tattooed mommy, to two adorable kids, into fashion & photography.

Tick Tock Vintage - name says it all. The amount of envy I feel while reading through the first few posts, AHHH!

Seriously, all these ladies make me want a makeover! Someone hook me up with a few hundred bucks, a thrift store map of the country, an RV, unlimited gas/food, and send me on my way! Oh I may need a personal shopper unless John can tag along because he is a wonderful shopping partner. Seriously. Dude's got an eye for what would look nice on me!

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