Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's natural (and healthy, I'm told) to have well established routines for certain parts of the day. For us, our night-time routine with Lucas just kind of happened. I mean, there are the "essential" things that need to be done. We start with a new diaper, putting on PJs, brushing teeth and all that really important hygeine stuff. I mean, that goes without saying.

It's the stuff that happens once we're on our way into his room that is fun. We almost always make him walk up the stairs himself, and we tend to count. It just kinda happens. Then we get into his room, and he runs and jumps onto the changing pad that is on his floor. It used to be on a dresser, as a changing table, but we don't really use it anymore. He likes it, so we leave it.

Then we pick him up, and we feed his Beta fish "Freddie" that he got for his 2nd birthday. We used to turn on his safari animal light and talk about all the animals and their sounds, but it got recalled so a new routine was born.  So after Freddie has his "crackers", as Lucas calls them, I nuzzle him a bit, give him lots of kisses, and lay him in his crib. (More about his big boy bed soon). Then it's the parade of friends. First we tuck Monkey (photo below) under one arm, and baby under the other. Then Hop-Hop jumps from his toes, to his knees, to his tummy, and gives him a kiss before resting on his chest. He also has a pillow pet, two small square pillows, and his blankie. That sounds like a lot, but it's all small and honestly his bed looks pretty bare.

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Well, I ventured out last night for dinner with a friend that I hadn't seen in far too long. Monkey somehow came with me, wedged in the backseat of the minivan. I got a frantic call from John as we were leaving the restaurant,  @ 8:00. We've NEVER had to put him to bed without monkey (at home). He was inconsolable, but John insisted that I shouldn't cut my outing short. So back in the mall I went, in search of the perfect red lip stain. I left around 8:30, and was home by 9:05 to find a very upset, sweaty baby. He was clutching his Daddy's old monkey, but quickly dropped it when I arrived with his good pal, Monkey.

Now, I realize, I need to find a duplicate of monkey. When I looked about a year ago I could only find one for about $30. I refuse to pay $30 for a freakin' Carter's snuggle blanket that retails for about $15. I realize it's discontinued, but COME ON! Well, I just found one today for $15.99. SOLD!

Best part of wake-up time?? Lucas saying "bye" to all of his bedtime pals. He says "Bye, fwwweends. Bye, Hop Hop, Bye Baby, Bye Pihhhow, Bye Bankee. Seeeeaa yaaataah!"
Hop Hop! (well very similar)

Blankie (DwellStudios for Target)

Pillow Pet!

Zanzibar Pillows via toysrus
Can you believe this is the only photo of these dolls?

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  1. Aw so sweet. I love that he has a baby doll too :) We have a very dirty lovey toy that goes with us EVERYWHERE and also is only found on EBAY for about $50 these days. Ugh. We have several other blanket animals that we also love, but when push comes to shove, we really love our lovey best.