Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tornadoes in MA??

So... tornado warnings in MA today. I felt completely unprepared. I mean, who is honestly prepared for tornadoes in Massachusetts? I watched the weather, and when they told me to head to the basement, I did. I packed a little bag for Lucas with toys, snacks, etc and some essentials for me too. You know, important stuff, like the laptop and my book. Yes, I brought the laptop.

Then John came home, just before the really bad part of the storm, 6 pm or so. We stayed in the basement for a bit, and when the storm died down we came back upstairs. We were alerted of a 2nd (actually 3rd) cell of storm that was on it's way. It was schedule to hit around 8pm. Well, 8 pm came & went with nothing. So we put Lucas to bed at 8:20.

At 9:20, this happened:

That is the pine tree, located approximately 25-30 ft to the right of my house. With a spiral of LIGHTENING STRIKE!!! Holy shit. I can't even put the sound into words. Lucas slept through it. I thought my heart stopped. It took us about 5 minutes to even figure out exactly what was struck, since it was dark out. I could smell burning, but I knew it wasn't the house on fire. I had a house fire as a kid, and you don't forget that smell. It was the tree bark. There is tree bark all over my driveway, all over my deck. It flew as far as the middle of the road. There is a perfect spiral of bark missing from the tree. 

We have called the fire department to inspect the tree, because I think the structural integrity of the tree has been compromised a bit. Since the tree is taller than my house, I'd like to know that it's not going to fall down. 

What a wild & crazy day!


  1. yowza!!!!! im such a wimp about storms and i had to drive home in it. it took a lot not to pull over, climb in the back seat, and cry like a baby.

    did you pee your pants when this happened? thats how i would have reacted.
    just sayin.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh yikes scary! But amazing Lucas slept right through it! What a good boy.

  3. I couldn't even react. The noise was so loud that I couldn't scream. I was completely speachless. Until I snapped back to reality, and yelled to John to go grab Lucas from his crib. At that point I thought the lightening had hit the house, and it might be on fire. I figured out it was the tree, and luckily Lucas slept through the whole ordeal.

    Lucas definitely got his sleeping habits from his Mama. When I was 13 I slept through a care exploding in my driveway, approximately 50 feet from my window. The window actually broke, onto the bed, and I had to be woken up by my father. Since having a baby of my own, I certainly don't sleep so deeply!