Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's about that time...

for me to have a minor mental breakdown, as I do yearly, and chop all my hair off.

The timing for my breakdowns tends to vary. I'll try to chronicle them:

2005, hello flat (aka no)boobs, septum ring and size 0 jeans. HA!
2006, Nov, Wedding 
November 2007 - with my nephew, Jackson. 
May 2008 - Bachelorette party , where is that dress??? 
June 2009 - only photo i have of my hair

As you can see, I had Lucas in June of 2009, and my hair (and all beauty aspects) have taken a back seat since then...  I have gotten it cut & colored occasionally but I haven't REALLY chopped it in a while. It's about time. 

I have an appt tomorrow, which I'm trying my damnedest to make it to. I had a death in the family, so I may need to attend services tomorrow. I'm hoping I can squeeze my hair appt in first. We'll see. 

Photo update soon. Also and update on my thrifting finds so far. Nothing too exciting, but some cute summer basics! 

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