Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road Trip to NY

This weekend John & I took a mini road-trip to Harrison, NY. We'd never been, and it was a LONG overdue trip. John's cousin Morgan had an adorable baby girl, and it was time to celebrate her Christening. The church was beautiful! And Rose looked great, it was wonderful to finally meet her! The service was fairly short, to the point, just the way I like it. And then it was off to Trattoria Vivolo  for a family celebration!
There were about 45-50 people in the most adorable room, I've ever seen! And the food was out of this world. John & I have been talking about finding really good Italian food in our area, but there isn't much to speak of. There was so much food, I can't even remember it all. I do, however, remember that my little Lucas enjoyed some calamari. Yes you read that correctly. My 2 year old will eat calamari, and enjoy it!
I chose a sea-bass entrée. My sister in law chuckled when I said "Oh my god, I'm gonna finish this whole thing". We had already had a solid 4 courses, by that point. Well, I made her eat her words. I ate all but a bite of that sea-bass and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. YUM!
Then the desserts. Holy friggin' crap, you guys. The cupcakes that Stephanie Lane made, (See Cupcakes for Charlotte) were delicious. The adults at our table were fighting the babies for bites of these treats. John talked about them the whole way home! I'm going to start baking every recipe on her site. You (if anyone but Stephanie & Morgan actually reads this) have to check her out. Seriously, unreal.
We had a blast, and were bummed that we had to skip out a little early. I had an "important" class early on Monday morning. Of course it turned out to be a completely useless class, and I was very disappointed that I hadn't been more impulsive and just stayed. Such is life.
The Romiglio's will definitely be returning to Harrison. We had to much fun, and I need to spend some Q.T. with little Miss Rose and her delectable cheeks. I can't wait to smooch those cheeks. (Rose, that little angel, slept through the WHOLE party. What a riot!)

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