Thursday, June 23, 2011


This will likely be mostly a photo post. I'll include a little blurb about each photo beneath it. I don't really have the words to describe just how awesome last night was. We needed it for a lot of reasons, and it was nice to feel like all was right with the world, for those few hours at the circus!

This photo is a little dark, but if captures Lucas's spirit perfectly. The look of "wow", and John's look of peace are all I need in this world. Seriously. It's the bottom line for me. 

A little unsure about this fluffy stuff...

"Ok, well if it's Daddy's favorite then I'll give it a shot!"
(Ps, I don't wanna hear about how horrible it is to give a two year old cotton candy.
We're at the fucking circus. Leave me alone!)

These tigers were phenomenal. I was so impressed, and you could tell they were very well treated and their trainer really loved them. They were so sweet, and very talented. Lucas really liked them, and continued to "ROAR" even after they were out of sight.

Yes, that is a tiny little man up there, dangling above those onlookers. He was extremely exciting to watch, and Lucas kept saying "Oh, wow!"

These camels scared the shit out of me. They were running, at full camel-speed around the "ring". Did I mention the ring was a whopping 2 feet in front of us, separated by a PVC "fence" with a vinyl banner?? I thought for sure we'd be trampled to death. Alas, we survived, and the camels had some pretty neat tricks!

Why, yes, that is a Jack Russel riding a pony. What of it? My mother has a Jack Russel named Max, and Lucas was convinced that it was Max out there. He was so proud of Max. So proud.

The elephants were definitely the best part of the show. Such sweet gentle animals, so huge. Lucas insists on yelling "moooooooo" at them. He knows they are elephants, and says so. He'll also tell me they go "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (while pointing at the sky as if he had trunk), and immediately follows it with "mooo". Cracks me up.

Wow, elephants! I was amazed.

I'm so glad they saved the fire act for the end. Lucas is petrified of all things "hot". This scared the shit out of him. While he did't cry, he did shake and grasp on to me as if his very life depended on it. He was very scared, and I don't blame him. The heat from those flames was unreal, and as I said, we were VERY close. much fun!

Everything I need. Everything I live for.

I should mention that Lucas was so well behaved, despite the fact that the circus started at 7:30 pm. He usually goes to bed at 8. Oh, and did I mention that it was raining? Oh it was raining. Pouring, even. And that tent was leaky! 
Lucas peed, all over John and I. Through his clothes. Onto both of us. And me being the oh-so-clever mom that I am, I swapped our diaper bag for a smaller version and never bothered to put extra pants in the small bag. Rookie mistake! 
SO... Lucas sat on my lap in just a diaper, with my sweatshirt wrapped around him like a blanket. He didn't seem to mind. We also lost our umbrella during the circus, due to a seating mishap. So we had to make a run for it when it was time to go to the car. Lucas enjoyed the "shooowwwwww" (pronounced like the first syllable of shower. Which is what he calls a shower). 
I love my boys. I'm so glad we spent this time together. I'm a lucky lady to be so loved by those guys. 


  1. Oh my gosh he isn't even a baby at all anymore. You have a KID! And what a cute cute cute kid he is, Nicole!!! <3

  2. Thank you!
    If school slows down for me, I'd love to have a playdate with you & Sierra (and Adriana & Hendrix if she's down). Oh Oh Oh! And Sarah & Sebastian & Max!!!

    There's a very cute (AND FREE) petting zoo in n. attleboro @ WWI Memorial park, and they have an awesome playground too! I could grab you & S off of the T in Franklin or Attleboro or something.

    I'll let you know if things calm down enough for me to breathe & plan! haha