Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reality? It's all relative, right?

Is it possible for other people's deluded behavior to make me question my own reality? Because honestly, I feel like that is what is happening.
Maybe I'm the delusional one. Maybe I'm the one that has lost all touch with reality, because I have a hard time believing that this many other people can be THIS far off the deep end.
Maybe my reality is just fine, and I need to choose better company. The thing about that is that I don't get to choose family. I do, however, get to choose how often to interact with them. For now, my plan is to keep my distance because I don't need the extra stress.
I hope these people take a minute to stop and think about all the help other people have given them (myself included), and how much other people have sacrificed to help them out in times of need. Maybe they could be reminded of the amount of manipulation, lying, and general bullshit they have been guilty of. Maybe they could take into account the RIDICULOUS amounts of "second" chances they've been given.

Ok. Back to "my" reality - however deluded it may be. I'm going to enjoy the sight of my little boy toddling around my living room with my cell phone up to his ear, while babbling his little head off. He is my saving grace and I'm not sure who it benefits more; me or you. If it weren't for him, others would be hearing from me in a much more confrontational manner. So I guess we all win in this situation. I'll just bitch to my blog, to get it out, and spare you the embarrassment of having your ass handed to you verbally. Again.

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