Monday, August 30, 2010


My anniversary is coming up. It's next weekend, the 12th to be exact. I am broke. Financially strapped. Buying something is NOT an option.

I need some creative ideas to celebrate. Nothing too elaborate, because that's not who we are. Nothing extremely cheesy either. I need something small to make a statement. We are going to dinner (assuming we find a sitter) using a gift certificate we got months ago. We even get to dress up, which we both LOVE having an excuse to do. We clean up a lot nicer than you may think!

It's hard to plan an anniversary gift for a husband. Women are easy to buy gifts for. Bring home some flowers, or jewelry or in my case a yummy treat and you're golden. Men are not so easy.

I suppose I could attempt a yummy treat. I mean, John would never turn away a delicious treat. But, what the hell could I make. Anyone? Does anyone even read this? I got a random (and very well-stated and appreciated) comment from a stranger the other day which made me think... are people actually reading my babbling? If so, help me recapture the following picture, in treat form...

It's hard to believe we went from being these two goofy ass kids (circa 2005, eeek). No "real" jobs, living at home with our parents, out super late on the weekends, dancing the night away:

To these "adults", in 5 1/2 year's time. Married, parents, homeowners, business owners, in love. We think midnight is late (ok, well, I do). Sleeping in is 9 am. We have a car payment & a mortgage. We have a SON, a dog, 2 cats. A home with a white unpainted picket fence. How is it that we managed to do all this "growing up", and still our love is growing daily. It all happens so naturally, so quickly. Life is funny like that. I am glad I get to spend my life with the best person I know.

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