Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the world keeps spinning


Lucas is walking all over the place. He's a big boy now. He still crawls when he falls, but only so he can get to a place to pull himself back up. He has practiced squatting down, and sitting more gently. I think he will be standing up without needing to hold something within a month. I can't believe how big he is. Time flies.

Last night, he was getting a little cranky near bedtime. He was tired and kept falling down, which frustrates him. He sat on the floor and looked up at me with those sad eyes and a big pout, and laid himself down verrrrrrrry slowly. I took my cue, knelt over him and nuzzled my face between his jawline and shoulder. I growled and grumbled and kissed his little neck as he wriggled and squealed. I would pull me head up, and switch sides and take a moment to enjoy that big smile. That smile is the most important thing in the entire universe to me. No matter what happens, if I can get Lucas to crack one of those big smiles - it will all be ok.

In other news, Norm is doing well, I think. I have seen him quite a few times this week, but not in a couple days. I'll pass his house on the way home today. I worry about him as the weather gets colder. I know he has a fireplace, which he utilizes for warmth. I've seen the smoke billowing out of his chimney in the winter.

I have had two dreams about buying various food/necessities, wrapping them, and leaving them on his doorstep when I see him walking about town. I can't bring myself to do it, though. I don't want to make assumptions. Maybe he he's perfectly happy.

We've had a busy month already. We grieved the loss of a wonderful woman; the mother of a good friend. It was tough. John took it pretty hard, which is to be expected, and buried himself in work to help himself through it.

Our anniversary was this past weekend. We enjoyed a little exploration through some woods at the secret pond, since it was too cold to swim. We've been there every year since we starting dating, and never walked any of the trails. We need to do this more often. Then we got a hotel room in sandwich for the night, and we got the very rare chance to reconnect. There was nothing to worry about, aside from each other for a night. It was perfect, and we both came home feeling that everything was back in place.

John's birthday is this coming Sunday. Being the wonderful wife that I am, I have nothing planned. Great. I'm also broke. I will have to figure something out.

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