Monday, September 20, 2010

goodbye social media

Essential Updates (before I rant):

Lucas is doing great. No real milestones, as far as development goes. Still working on cutting those one year molars, so he's been a bit grumpy. He wants nothing more than to walk around and explore the house. He painted a picture for John's birthday, and I attached two pictures of him mid-creation. John enjoyed it.

I saw Norm on Friday. He is, in fact, alive. His front door had been in the same position for a few days, no movement on the laundry line, and no sighting for a while. I was nervous. I intend to drive by today to check on things for good measure.

(Cue Rant) In other news, I have deleted my twitter & tumblr accounts. I just need to be more selective with teh internet browsing that I indulge in. I can't be bothered to read pointless posts about the "hardest decisions" people are making, such as which shoes to buy. I can't be bothered to look at an infinite number of scenester, hipster idiots posting photos that they created. Everyone is a fucking graphic designer, oh please. Everyone is an artist, come on. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading blogs. That is, I love reading well thought out blogs about topics that are relevant to my interests. I like reading "mommy" blogs, because it's nice to get some perspective every now and then. I like reading my friends blogs. It's a great way to keep in touch with day to day goings on, assuming they are relevant. I even enjoy a well organized photo blog, assuming it's a portfolio of sorts. Not a ramdom collection of other people's work. Maybe I'm just becoming a crotchety old woman, but I have had it. I'm overwhelmed, and I need to simplify. I need to cut out things that make me angry, such as the blogs of people in their mid twenties with terrible cases of peter pan syndrome.

I'm considering deleting all my facebook stuff too. Starting over, possibly. Keeping it much more simple, just for immediate friends & family and not high school, college, or people I have no intention of "keeping in touch with". If I don't send you a Christmas card, or an invitation to a birthday party, or any other indication that we are still close, then I can't be bothered to hear about your commute to work this morning. I do realize that these people also don't want ot hear about how excited I am to watch Dexter (my last status update) - So I am, in effect, going to be helping them out too. I think I'll begin the process tonight.

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  1. I want to do the SAME thing. If you do it, I will do it. You first! lol