Tuesday, September 14, 2010

well i guess this is growing up...

Two days in a row without a Norm sighting. His door was in the same position both days. If it's the same tomorrow, I may be forced to either stop or maybe ask the police to do a well-check? I just don't know. Why am I so concerned about the well being of a complete stranger. I think it's because I have this heartbreaking fear, which is probably a complete figment of my imagination, that I'm the only one that cares. It makes me want to cry.

In other news, Lucas has decided to start saying "Up" now when he wants to climb the ramps at hte park. That's right... he says up NOT to indicate that he'd like to be held, but rather the opposite. He hates being held or carried. He wants to walk everywhere. He will crawl occasionally too, like here, where he plays with his fire truck while repeating "vrooom vroooooooooom":

My little guy is growing up. He walked the entire 53 foot length of the half pipe at the park without even a stumble. I can't believe it.

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