Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Night Out

I finally got out on a Saturday night!

John and I were joined by his sister, aunt & father, to attend a breast cancer fundraiser. My parents, sister,brother-in-law and most of my Dad's side of the family was there as well.

We had a blast competing (horribly) in trivia, and trying to win (unsuccessfully) raffles. I forgot to take photos of my newly thrifted dress, until we got home. I will forewarn you, I was a little tipsy, and apparently feeling saucy because I'm mugging it up for the camera. Also, I apparently spilled something on myself before taking photos. Bummer.

Shoes>hand-me-ups from my sister
Necklace> Pearls, a gift from my GodMother

Here's a cute photo of Lucas with all his bedtime friends. Internet, meet Baby, HopHop, Monkey, Elephant Pillow, Big blankie & brown blankie. Oh and Pillow pet.

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  2. That was my school account, doh.

    I can tell you were sauced, ha! But I do love that dress!

  3. Cute! And just read your little bio above, seems we have a lot in common. Hope you had a blast on your night out!

  4. @Heather: Make up runny, hair messy & super red cheeks. I was feeling alright.

    @Stacey Nicole: Thanks! Nice to "meet" you. I look forward to following your blog.

    @Olivia Grace: Thanks! I cracked up at your photos of your haircut experience. I do the same thing! My cousin (most of the time) comes to me. I will say, getting back to the salon this past time was like a vacation. Best 4 hours I'd spent in a while!