Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been sick since Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday feeling just plain yucky. I was supposed to go to The Garment District with Heather, and I was going to tough through it because I NEVER make plans, so I really didn't want to reschedule because of a sore throat. I was thoroughly relieved, however, when she suggested that we reschedule due to the torrential rain.
I did still go to John's show with him, which was also in Boston, but we left fairly early, and we missed most of the show after he played because I dragged him to the nearest Chinese food restaruant to get egg drop soup. John's drummer (and very close family friend) Jake was kind enough to offer to go buy us both some tea too. His girlfriend, Nicole, works at Tealuxe, and hooked me up with some delicious Mango Tea. I was in heaven. She also treated me to 4 varieties of loose tea leaves to bring home. Very generous, and quite appreciated!
We got home, and neither of us could get out of bed on Monday. Lucas was also a little under the weather, which actually made it a LITTLE easier. We all had to muster up some strength to go get new tires on the minivan, so that we could drive to my doctor's office for a strep culture. We made it, but after 3 hours out of the house, the three of us climbed into our bed and watched a movie. We all fell asleep, Lucas played on the floor for a little bit before I realized the he can't sleep with us anymore, so I put him in his crib. We all woke up around 5 pm. Yup... we slept from 1pm to 5pm, and we were miserable. I made my own homemade egg drop soup, which was delish, and I added extra ginger to help boost my recovery.
Well, John woke up and felt fairly functional today, I do not. I still am miserable. Lucas seems to be back to normal other than a runny nose and post-nasal-drip-induced cough.
Anway, in the spirit of trying to feel better, I am going to jot down a list of all the things that have improved my  mood and possibly helped!

  1. Lucas singing and dancing to Till The World Ends by Britney Spears. It's been his favorite song for quite some time, but it still cracks me up.
  2. When falling asleep watching a movie with Lucas & John, my love handle was ever-so-attractively exposed. Lucas reached over and rubbed his little hand over me, just like I do to soothe him. It was enough to nearly make me cry. Such a big boy taking care of his Mama.
  3. Egg Drop Soup - I love it. It's a recent obsession of mine. I'm so glad I looked up how to make it, because it is easy as pie. That saying should be changed, some pie isn't easy!
  4. Movie nights and late night pizza with John - John is tough to deal with when he's sick. He falls hard, and is pretty much useless, so I was glad that he bounced back quickly, and I'm very grateful that he has taken such good care of me. He even got Dominos pizza at 11 pm for me. Don't judge, we were hungry after our marathon naps! 
  5. My dog is the world's best companion. Seriously. She didn't know what to do this time, though. We've never ALL been sick at the same time, and she wasn't sure who to snuggle, so she went from person to person, sharing her snuggles with us all. She's so cute!
  6. A hot shower followed by a nicely chilled a/c'd room. It was perfect! The shower would ease my achy body, and then I would cool off in my bed. 
  7. Tea! I haven't tried the teas that Nicole gave me yet, because I couldn't bear to stand long enough to put the loose tea leaves in the bags, so it's been mostly D&D's tea, but there's nothing that feels better on a sore throat. 
What helps you feel better? Honestly, I feel like a little love makes all the difference to me. 

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